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to many speakers ?

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  • to many speakers ?

    im putting in jl 5 qt conponent in the front doors of my wifes focus my ? is can i put some type of mid 5+8 in the rear doors it also has 6half in the rear deck that are component or not bother with rear im new to this forum hi everyone.

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    why do u want to put speakers in the rear doors if there is already a space for them in the rear deck. If i remember correctly.. u will have to mount any speakers very low in the rear doors and the sound quality will suffer from it. If u do decide to put spkrs in the doors, i would suggest components. U can at least mount the tweeters up higher to get better sound.


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      i made the spot for the spaekers in the deck. i was wondering if i should put some mid bass in rear doors the rear deck are component the trunk has 1 10 init now with 390 rms to it. i was wondering for a fuller sq


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        Never to many speakers lol