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Audio inteference......lack of actually

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  • Audio inteference......lack of actually

    I finally got round to putting my first car computer in. I know some of you purists and audiophiles will be shocked at what I have done but,

    It's a simple Via VB7001 (1.5Ghz C7) mobo in a Voom PC case.

    I use the onboard audio connected to the rear aux in of my Alpine CD player. I have upgraded all the speakers though, I am running some Alpine components for the fronts and some Sony shallow mount speakers at the back.

    Along with the sound cable, I am running +5v & -5v for the USB hub, +12v & -12v for the monitor and a +12v live feed (and it's ground) from\to the battery.

    I don't get ANY inteference at all and I am quite perplexed as to why. I know I should be happy but for years all I have heard is people having problems running a power cable in the vicinity of their audio cables yet I don't get any inteference at all?? Is this because I am lucky or because I have also included a ground for all the power cables?

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    You're just lucky.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      personally, I have been running power and audio cables together for years and I have never had any issues. I generally recommend that others run them separately because some people have issues but it has never been a problem for me. maybe I've just used well shielded audio cables, or perhaps I was just 'lucky' as well
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        that amount of power draw should not cause issues, most screens use almost no power anyway

        good earths and a clean install should just work (yeah i know some times it just dosnt work)

        my install is almost the same, but i have a kenwood head unit and Fusion speakers. and its clean as,
        most computers sound cards should have a floating earth as should most car head unit aux inputs, eg the negative in the audio signal isnt the same as the car's negative / ground. systems that DONT have a floating earth but use a common earths are more likely to get buzz.


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          Woooo I am lucky!! lol

          I think it's probably the quality of the headunit more than anything. Alpine are known for their sound quality. I am using a cheapy 1.50 ($3) audio cable, I doubt it's shielded in any way although it is an original Alpine cable though.

          I am not using a soundcard at the moment, just using the onboard sound which so far is pretty good. Will I hear a notable sound quality increase if I plug in my USB Creative soundblaster soundcarD?