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line in from one sound card, line out from another?

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  • line in from one sound card, line out from another?

    I'm currently using an m-audio sonica usb sound card, which does not have a line-in. My onboard audio uses the VIA VT1616 AC'97 chipset

    I want to get an HD radio tuner (with mitch's cable), and was wondering if it were possible to use the onboard audio for line-in, and still use the line-out from the m-audio sonica.

    The reason I ask instead of going and finding out for myself is that it will take a bit of work for me to wire it up. My motherboard (VIA MS12000) does not have audio outputs on the back panel, and I would have to wire up a header to use the onboard audio (and find a panel mount audio jack)

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    Yes, i know depending on what front end you are using makes things a little simpler. Centrafuse lets you customize the radio plugin in the settings to choose where the sound is coming from and where the sound is going. There must be similar options in other frontends. othewise you can set it up in windows.. beware if you are using vista as i think there might be some conflicts with using multiple sound devices. And if you get really crafty you could add one of mitch's audio selectors.