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No Audio or AUX selection with PC

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  • No Audio or AUX selection with PC

    I have a scion tc with the '08 premium adiuo. We have an AUX hook up in our ceter console. I have the cable hooked to the computer with a 1/8" RCA splitter or whatever it's called. On the other end it has the adapter 1/8" I think also and is plugged in the AUX. The computer recognizes that audio is hooked in but when I hit AUX on my radio it won't let me get to it. There is no option to turn AUX on or anything. I was told the radio recognizes it and allows you to switch.

    I'm I doing something wrong? It's in the right hole and I even checked the other too for the hell of it. I checked all the PC setting but I'm sure it's not on that side (I know computers well as I fix them for a living). It has to be the radio or the AUX plug but can't figure it out. Any help?

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    I'd suggest you try an iPod or other mp3 player. A known-good source to see if the AUX jack works (and see how the AUX input works on your car).

    It might be something as simple as the stereo needs to see the audio device during start-up and the PC isn't "ready" when the car is started...but I don't know.

    I would verify the AUX input works and then go from there.
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      I tried a friends ipod in the ipod connector which is different but runs off the same harness. We didn't have an adapter to hook the ipod to the aux but we do know for sure it needs a signal to enable it. We tried to boot the computer with the head unit off and then turn the HU on but no luck.

      I'm gonna try a different cable and connector for out the computer and into aux cuz the one I'm using is from about 4 years ago when I had a carputer in my buick.