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Antenna not working 2008 civic?

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  • Antenna not working 2008 civic?

    I have put a Visteon HD Zoom unit with my carputer in a 2008 Honda Civic. I used an adapter from the antenna (HAAB Scocshe) that had the antenna and a blue wire. I put the blue wire to accessory power and I get no reception on the radio. Anyone please help? Please.

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    for future reference, you shouldn't post the same question in different forums...

    according to Crutchfield, "Installation Note: A blue wire is attached to the antenna adapter. When installing the adapter, the blue wire should be connected to the antenna turn-on lead of your new head unit." head unit antenna 'turn-on' wires are just 12v. so although I wouldn't recommend powering it from your ACC line it should do the trick for testing purposes.

    make sure the antenna connectors are presses in all the way and that there is no damage to the antenna cables. I use the same HDZ300 receiver, I get reception with nothing more than the antenna extension cable. are you hearing no audio at all or do you hear static on local channels?
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