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    hello all

    First i would like to say thanks to everyone on this site. I have just recently fell into the car pc world, i found this site and am on it regularly. Everyone seems to helpful and hopeful someone can give me a hand. I have a 2004 tahoe that im currently in the planning stage for building a car pc. I pretty much have everything picked out but stuck on the audio. How do i get the audio signal from rca's to speaker wire. Is there an adapter to buy to plug straight into factory wiring harness. Im pretty good in 12v systems but i just cant seem to get the conversion figured out. I plan on keeping the factory speakers for now so i need to tie into them. Thats my main issue right now. If anyone has done a system install on a 2001-2006 gm truck please let me know any suggestions or help you may have. Im playing with different screen placement ideas and open to any suggestions. My last question is that i saw on one of the forums that someone installed a capacitor in their system. Any thoughts on this? Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions.


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    Although you can hook up the computer directly to the speakers, it will not provide enough power to drive the speakers. Most people opt for an aftermarket amplifier to drive their speakers. In the cases of amplifying the normal speakers, I usually recommend that you do change out your speakers for fear of the aftermarket amp overpowering the stock speakers. If not, there are some options for small amplifiers for the use with aftermarket speakers.
    Another option is to feed the signal directly from the computer to a headunit that has an auxillary input. All this information in more detail can be located in the FAQ section of this forum.

    To try to answer your questions about capacitors, there is an argument as to the usefullness and function of capacitors. It is by no means used to help the charging system in your car, i.e. battery alt, and can be considered as another load that is bearing on the charging system. An upgraded batter, 2nd battery, or higher output altenator are the only things that can help the charging systems performance. In theory, when installed properly a capacitor has one use only, which is to provide a constant and easlily accessible charge to the audio system components it is installed to, namely a subwoofer amplifier.
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