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Aux input on my Kenwood.. q's

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  • Aux input on my Kenwood.. q's

    Hi all, I'm new to the board. I'd like to someday have a CarPC but have a steep learning curve when it comes to this. A few questions concerning my headunit..

    I've successfully remote wired the face of my Kenwood KDC-X692 to an upper console that I have. I'd like to use my aux input for my standalone GPS audio out and it has a separate iPod input as well. The question is: can I wire it so that when listening to music via the CD/Radio or ipod -- when the GPS has somethhing to say (like "turn at the next light"), the music will mute and let the aux input take over for that brief time? That might get annoying, but that might be something I would need for long trips or something. Thanks in advance!

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    i would also be interested in doing pretty much the same thing



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      unless there is a setting in your headunit that automatically switches to the aux input when it detects an audio signal, then you are probably out of luck. It may be possible to build an audio detection circuit that can trigger a relay that 'presses' the aux button on your headunit, but that is likely to be more trouble than its worth.

      if the main reason why you want to do this is because you can't hear the GPS voice guidance over your music, then IMO easiest solution would be to hook your GPS up to a hidden amplified "extension" speaker. there is probably an empty spot behind/under the dash where you could hide it. you can buy these at Radio Shack and electronics supply stores.

      good luck
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