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headunit and screen?? also alpine type r sub?

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  • headunit and screen?? also alpine type r sub?

    hiya this is my first post.

    ive got a mk6 fiesta and have installed a complete alpine system which includes:

    Alpine CDA-9831 CD Player,

    Alpine sps 571a type s 5x7 components up front,

    Alpine MRV-T303 V12 Amp running components,

    Alpine Type r 12 inch sub (newest version) dual 4ohm,

    Alpine MRV-1005 V12 Amp running sub,

    4awg wiring and upgrading big3 soon with 0awg.

    ive now been given an Alpine Cva1004RR motorised screen.

    How do i go about wiring screen and headunit together??can i jus splice both power looms together and just make sure theres a fuse on each power line 1 to headunit and 1 to screen??

    also what box sizes etc do people recomend for the alpine type r sub dual 4ohm?
    the amp powering it gives 600watt rms and i listen to mainly rock/metal abit of RnB and plenty of bass lol.the space ive got for a sub box is
    14"(h) x 35(w) x 18"(d)

    Im also wanting to put my moded xbox into the car as ive got 100's of mp3s on it and films/games. how can i power it in car do i really have to use an inverter or can it be hard wired and i also want to mount the dvd drive in the dash whats longest i can have an ide cable??

    hope someone can help cheers.