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  • audio/suondcard help

    Well i have been working om a car-puter for a few weeks now and been stumbling across some problems.
    for starters im trying to decide on my sound card. i like sound blasters features but i don't like
    the set up of the surround sound. I was curious if there was a difference in the center / sub
    channel? if there is is there something in the software or hardware where it can be made in to a
    dual sub output? also is there any way to install R.C.a outputs instead of the 1/8 "headphone"
    style outputs i have a good expensive Sony head unit, I just don't know if i should use the aux
    input on the deck for the sound or run my three amps "front / rear / subs" directly off the pc?
    also is there a program where i can adjust the amount of fade and balance of the audio outputs?
    finally i'm sorry for the "essay" on my problems...LoL i just don't understand this part of the
    build up. not to mention this is my first car-puter.

    Thank you for any help!
    Tommy AkA : Maverick Guy