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    hi everyone I'm new to this forum and to car pc (carputer) but I'm willing to install one in my car (corolla 2003 CE) I currently have a setup in my car:
    HU- Eclipse CD5000
    front - Infinity kappa perfect 6.1 (changing for diamond hex pro 650 next summer)
    back - nothing right now (put some diamond D662 next summer)
    amp - JL audio 450/4
    subs - 2x Css sdx10
    amp - DLS A3

    I would like to have something that sound better than my current HU. Does a car pc have really the potential to sound better than an high end HU?? And I've look to some sound card and realize that they are able to give DTS, 5.1 - 7.1 and other freatures. Can I really have a 5.1 system in my car ? Do I need a center ? Do you suggest to go with sound card that have already RCA in/output or go with some adapter to 3.5 jack ?? Finally witch sound card do you refer has high end card, right now the m audio 1010lt and the asus Xonar DX2 or Xonar with hdmi seems to be great choice, am I in the right dirrection ?
    thank you

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    System always under construction


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      Just for fun, is there any specific model that is right now the best sound card on the market ?? if yes could you please let me know. I' looking for something more than 2.0.