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Before I buy the Silverstone EB01-B

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  • Before I buy the Silverstone EB01-B

    Before I buy this USB DAC for my carputer, I have a few questions for all those who know a lot about DACs or use it currently.

    #1) Does it integrate fully with Centrafuse? Will I have any problems controlling the volume?

    #2) How has this worked for everyone? Any regrets buying this USB DAC? Any problems with engine noise or motherboard noise/HDD noise?

    #3) Should I run a long USB extension or should I run a long RCA cable to the trunk where my amps are?

    #4) Does it make sense to connect the L and R channels to my SubAmp, then use the preamp outputs on the subamp and connect it to my 4 channel amp?

    Thanks for all your help

  • #2
    #1) The "mute" function will probably not work in CF.

    #3) I think a long RCA cable is better

    #4) I use this setup also, works OK (USB soundcard > 4 channel amp > sum out to sub amp)