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Is my subwoofer or amp blown? - Video!

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  • Is my subwoofer or amp blown? - Video!

    Ok. I have a video so you can see what happens. Watch what happens when I turn the volume or the gain up. The sub sounds ok until I do this. I really hope its not the sub because they don't make this thing anymore and it was a beast.


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    so what is the RMS wattage of both the amp and the sub

    also do you have your bass turned all the way up on the HU?


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      I've seen this behaviour with an amplifier with defective or insuficient power supply capacitors, check your amplifier wiring and battery level.

      Open the sub enclosure and take a look at the cone, check there are no broken parts.

      If you can, check the sub with another power amplier.
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        Hey, I can't say I've seen this happen before, but I thought I'd just put this out there.. Have you got the sub wired up with the correct polarity? I know I accidentally hooked one of my subs up the wrong way round one time, it sounded fine with low volumes, but when turning it up, you could actually hear the cone moving, rather than hearing solid bass.

        Can't hurt to check the polarity again .


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          Try a different AMP it looks like voltage problems...
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