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Switching and mixing Speaker output/signals...

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  • Switching and mixing Speaker output/signals...

    Ok, here's the situation.

    I have 2 head units in my dash. One is a Liliput that I'm using as an interface for my carpc and the other is a cheap eonon that i'm using for its DVD player.

    They both have amplified outputs, meaning I could actually connect either into the speakers on my car and have it work. As it is, the Eonon is connected and powering the speakers... and the liliput just has its wires disconnected, with the terminals taped apart.

    But, I want to be able to mix the two outputs so that they can either/both be heard through the speakers.

    1) I'm using the Eonon to listen to the radio, but I want to be able to hear the GPS app through the liliput b/c that's what the computer is connected to.
    None of the head units have any sort of input mixing, otherwise I would've used that.
    2)I'm using the PC off of the lilliput, but the passengers in the back want to watch a dvd. I should then be able to use the mixer, push the pc outpu to the front speakers and the dvd output to the back speakers...

    Any ideas that won't require me to buy a separate amp setup? I already have 2 perfectly good ones...