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CleanSweep w/o any cables - what will I need?

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  • CleanSweep w/o any cables - what will I need?


    I got what looked like a good deal on a CleanSweep box only. No cables or accessories.

    So I'm wondering what I will need to connect it properly.

    First of all, I'm trying to get my hands on the Master Volume Control Assembly. However JL Audio and the resellers both stateside and here in Europe don't seem to agree who should be selling it to me - they keep pointing at each other...

    But it struck me, that I may need much more than that, as I looked at the JL Audio store.

    It's a further complication tha I live in Denmark with no distributors, so I have to order from the US (with added freight and ridiculous import fees and taxes), so I got to get it right and complete the first time.

    Setup very briefly: The CleanSweep will be getting input from my Subaru Legacy stock 6CD HU and from a CarPC.

    So, here are my questions:
    1. Will I need to get more than just the volume assembly SKU: 48193/98193? E.g. the control cable: SKU: 48192 ?
    2. Is there a special harness for power, screw terminals, or can I solder my way out of that?
    3. Is there a special harness for connecting HU and CarPC, or are there High/Low level inputs right on the device to use (terminals/RCA inputs)
    4. Are there any alternatives to the original Volume assembly - even just temporarily
    5. Are there simple RCA outs on the device, or do I need a special harness
    6. Can anyobe help out with the calibration tracks from the original CD - pleeease
    7. Are there any other things I should be ordering while I'm at it?
    Any input greatly appreciated so I can get on with ordering and hopefully recieve the stuff in time for it to be installed during xmas (and anyone who can get me a volume knob/led assembly will get high marks and a letter of recommendation sent from me to Santa )