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02 Jeep Grand Cherokee install

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  • 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee install

    I am installing a Car Computer into an 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has Infinity amp and speakers. I do not want to rewire the amp/speakers combo but just want to replace the head unit and plug the computer out line into the existing amp. I have been told I need an adapter (high to low?). Is this true and where would I find one of these? My current understanding is that I take the speaker out from the computer, convert it high to low, split the signal (front / back speaker lines) and put it into the amp. Or do I need a more robust adapter? Any help would be appriciated.

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    I used to have this car..... I never put a PC in it though. Just buy the adapter for the connections were the headunit should go. Do this so you dont have to cut off the original factory plug piece. It will get very confusing if you do. Amoung the wires on the wiring kit you buy will be a wire to power on the amp. You can just connect that to a serial port and use something like amp control to power it on when you turn on your pc. All the rest of the set up should be just like normal. I would try to go to the jeep forums and ask in there, they will know more.
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      To anyone with the same question... 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee with infinity gold system has no problem taking the output from the computer. I got a OEM-1CHR2 adapter so that I can get front / back fade, but it's not required. Oh, and a good chassis ground will take out most if not all of the ground loop. Also got a ground loop isolator from wally-world that crushed that problem.