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Car stock speakers cutting in and out.. I've tried everything.

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  • Car stock speakers cutting in and out.. I've tried everything.

    I have a 2000 honda passport and i've had a Dual Head unit stereo for over 2years now. I have stock front 6x9's and the back 2 were blown when i got it so theyr pioneer 4 1/2's and they have been in as long as the head unit. I've never had any problems with my stereo or speakers before though.. I also have 2 Memphis 12's that have been in for a year and a half so it's not like i just put something in and its having problems. I've pulled the head unit out numerous times to check and see if some wires arent connected good. I'm not sure whats wrong at times it works ok and then other times the normal car speakers all cut out then occassionally cut in and out. The subs however are on and working the wholetime? So I really have no idea whats wrong if the speakers need replaced.. or the head unit or what. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Two scenarios

    1) One of the speakers are blown. Either disconnect one at at time until problem is found or test the impedance of each speaker across the terminals with a Digital Multimeter

    2) One of the speaker wires or speaker terminals is touching a metal part of the vehicle grounding out the internal amp on the headunit. Again you would need to use a DMM to check this by testing the impedance/resistance of each wire to ground when the radio is NOT POWERED ON.
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      I agree with Durwood's second scenario. If you had a blown speaker you would be able to hear it when you turned up your speakers. Some other questions though:

      1. Does the problem occur at all volume levels? Low, medium and high, or just after you have been cranking it for a while?

      2. Does the unit feel hot when this starts to occur?

      3. How long after you turn it on does this happen? Right away, after 5, 10, 15 mins?

      I worked on a truck that had a vent from the heating and cooling system that vibrated loose after a 4X4 outing. Every time the heaters were turned on, some of the hot air leaked out and started to heat up the back of the HU. This caused it to overheat and do exactly what your saying is happening to yours. The speakers that were being fed by the HU would cut out but the Subs, which were fed by an external amp, kept on pounding away.

      Could be that your HU is overheating or just getting old and in need of replacement. But check all your wires first and make sure nothing is grounding out. You could run temporary wires to your speakers from your HU that you know are not grounded out to see if the same thing is still happening.