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Will this Setup fry my Subs? PLEASE HELP.

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  • Will this Setup fry my Subs? PLEASE HELP.

    I have a few questions and really need help with this. I bought two 12'' Kenwood KFC-W3011 Subwoofers with a peak power of 1200W each. I ordered my amp before knowing that you should match power with the speakers Rated power as opposed to the Peak. The Rated power of the subs is 400W. The amp I bought is a 2400W monoblock Pyle. So it would be running at Peak power continuously right? My question is if there is any way I can run the amp at a lower power level safely without doing harm to my subs. And if not can I safely run a monoblock amp to my 2 Kenwood subs and 2 10" Kickers to bring down the power level distributed to each sub?

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    The AMP should have a knob to lower the AMPs output. Simply lower it to what the speakers can handle. Im no audio expert, so I could be wrong.
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      just regulate the gain knob, and you'll be fine.I also have pyle amp,just it's a millenium series and not a monoblock. Just make sure that you start from 0 and slooowly boost it up.
      But i think you won't get as much juice as you would run it in full


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        Actually, I have seen more blown speakers/subwoofers because they were under powered more than having been overpowered. The distortion that comes from a clipping amp does more damage to your speakers than overcranking, but not by much. Your speakers should work perfectly with the amp that you have. That amp is one ohm capable so it will drive your speakers (each rated at four ohms) at a two ohm load if wired in parallel. Also be aware that the type of loading on the speakers will make a big difference on how much power they can handle. If you load the subs into a sealed enclosure they will handle alot of power and give you deeper bass. I think a sealed box about 2 cubic foot for each speaker would be about right but consult your specs and manual first before you start building. A ported box will give you more thump in the upper bass region but won't be able to handle the massive power that your amp will be putting out. I think if you put those bad boys into a properly built and tuned sealed box they will handle anything your amp can pump out. In fact, you might have a hard time trying to get them to blow out with a pure clean signal. Just remember not to send them a clipped or distorted signal because that will trash 'em for sure. And make sure you tighten your seat belts before you carnk 'em up... your gonna need it!