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Speaker level input + RCA output?

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  • Speaker level input + RCA output?

    I am wiring 2 amps, a 4channel for the doors and a monoblock for a sub. I am using the factory head unit with no RCA ouputs.
    Can I use the 4channel amp speaker level inputs and connect one of the RCA outputs to the RCA input of the mono amp? In other words, does the amp convert the high level input signal to line level and send it to the RCA outs?

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    no, is the short answer

    use one of these speaker level to line level adapters


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      There are also equalizers that accept speaker-level input and output line-level for an amp or amps.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Not unless your four channel amp has RCA's that are labled as outputs. Usually it will say Sub Out or Thru. Without knowing the amps that you are using it's hard to say what is possible with them except to take Woofnstuff's advice and get a line level adapter. Some amps have built in crossovers that will take your incoming signal whether it comes from the high level or signal level inputs and sends the highs on to the amp and the lows out another set of RCA's that you can connect to your sub amp. But just connecting from one amps RCA inputs to the other amps input could be trouble depending on how the signal is handled after it goes into the one amp.