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how do i hook up subs to stock monte radio

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  • how do i hook up subs to stock monte radio

    i have all the wires ran and i have a little switch which is my remote rca's are hooked to spliced rear speaker wire and i cant get any sound from the sub idk what else to do any suggestions?

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    You cant connect RCA cables to speaker cables. They are different levels. Most manufactures use the term High level or speaker level for speaker wire, and line level, pre-amp level, or low level for RCA connections.
    If your amp has High level inputs, that is where you need to connect the wire from the rear speakers. Be prepared that the quality isn't as good as line level. The best solution is to run shielded RCA cables from the head unit to the amp.


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      some one told me something bout a high to low converter? would that work better and sorry i am new at this im confused by your post