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Renault Megane 2005-Installing a stereo

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  • Renault Megane 2005-Installing a stereo

    Renault Megane 2005-Installing a stereo "Malageņa Style"

    Hi i live in Mexico and a i have a Renault Megane 2005, yeah an european car in Mexico, and i decided to buy an aftermaket stereo to replace the stock stereo because it was failing and it didnt had MP3, so i buyed a new one.

    I buyed the Pioneer DEH P680MP. When i was decided to install the stereo, the problems came, because i didnt know the color combinations and nothing, so i made a search on google, but nothing, it seems that no one in the world has intalled an aftermarket stereo in a 2005 renault megane... OMG, haha.

    So, here are the installing photos, and the color combinations... al so i made a "Renault Megane 2005 stereo wire diagram"

    A "malageņa style" is when you dont have the neccesary parts to do the work easily, but you can 2mod" some things to fit in the stock parts. Beacause tha parts for this car, you can only find them in Europe!!! OMG, and its expensive and takes a long time to get them, so i use my imagination and my "Mexican" creation.

    All the cables and colors..

    The Old stereo and the aftermaket, and some tools..

    How to connect the tweeters (if you dont know)

    The tweeter cables are smaller than the speaker cables, and you need to unite the front speaker cables with the tweteer cables. Its easy, just follow the pictures.

    Renault Megane 2005 stereo wire diagram

    The cables and combinations...

    Speaker Cables ( its my blog, all this photos were made by me)

    Electcity cables - if you see, the red cable its the 12v constant, and the yellow its the cable for the ignition, if you see they are alternate to the standards in an aftermarket stereo, dont get confused like me the first time that i connected all.

    Some pictures of the stereo working..!!

    And thats all, the only problem that i have, is that i cant connect the ANTENNA because the stock connector is so strange, and as i said, in America you cant get this parts easy.. so the only way to get the adaptor its buying from ebay UK, or something like that. If someone know how to make an adaptor for this cars, please help me.

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    Where is you carpc? Have a read of this thread Link
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      Originally posted by meddler View Post
      Where is you carpc? Have a read of this thread Link
      I was wondering the same thing.... Also I would never have cut into my factory harness. A plug and play kit would have been better for resale value and made it easier.
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