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Kicker 2500.1 going in protect with 2 12" L7s

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  • Kicker 2500.1 going in protect with 2 12" L7s

    Hi everyone first post here. i have learned tons reading through forums, but I can't find specific detailed pictures to help me out. okay so here is the situation. I have 2 12" Kicker L7 DVC 2-ohms. These subs are 1500 watts and 750 rms apiece. So i figured I would need about 1500 rms. I decided to wire the subs series/parallel which would result in a 2-ohm load at the amp. The amp I have is a Kicker 2500.1(mono) which is CEA-2006 compliant and is rated at 2500 rms @ 2 ohms. which should be 1000 watts rms more than I need but I read that these subs can take the extra power so instead of the 1500.1 I went with the 2500.1. I have 0 gauge wire (power and ground) a 200 amp alternator and an optima yellow top battery. I went and purchased a digital multimeter today and checked the ohm load at the amp, it was bit bit low reading at between 1.5 and 1.6 when touching the multimeter to the sub wires at the amp terminal.When i start to crank it up the system will go into protect mode. I know these subs should be WAY louder than they are getting, before the amp goes into protect. In mind the gain isn't even 1/3 of the way up and the headunit is at 35/40 when it starts to go into protect. I believe it may be the series/parallel wiring. I have seen the diagrams of series/parallel wiring from the fosgate wiring wizard and the ones at 12volt. I'm still not quite getting it. If I could get a link to a cite with actual photos of a series/parallel sub setup it might be helpful. Following is a diagram of my sub setup best as I could do in paint. I believe where I get confused is where there are two wires going into the 1st subs positive and negative terminals back to the amp.I've read somewhere the negative to the amp should be coming from the 2nd sub. please tell me if this is wrong, if not maybe any other reasons why my system isnt performing the way it should.Well I will try to insert image into my gallery, please look at it, and tell me if it is wrong.I have added the image here for download also, should open with windows paint.
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    Details of the rest of the rest of the system? I have a 1100wrms@1ohm monoblock running to a pair of Atomic Apocalypse 10"s and it clips with the Creative X-Fi card I bought =(