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recommend a single 10" sub, in the 400-600RMS range..

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  • recommend a single 10" sub, in the 400-600RMS range..

    im looking for a 1 10" sub. i have 2 10W3's parallel down to 1 ohm, and pulling 600W out of my amp, and its rocking hard. but i need to cut down on space, and only run 1 10.

    i know i prolly won't get the same amount of bass, but i should be able to get close to it.

    400-600RMS ball park.

    Image Dynamics, Diamond Audio D3, eD subs, W6's.. what would you go for that will handle moderate wattage?

    ive owned JL's in the past, and still do.. but i know thats not all thats out there.. JL has spent millions on advertising, and i know they'res other subs out there comparable, at competitive prices... so im open to suggestions.

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    what kind of amp are you running?

    like- a kenwood 600W amp is very different from a kicker 600w, or even a jl 500w. if your using a kicker or rockford fosgate (or another comparable brand) amp, i can safely say: jl 10w6v2, or even the 10w7. if you'd like to venture away from jl, i can highly recommend eclipse sw8000 series, or kicker solo baric L7 model (esp recommended for tiny enclosures).

    if you're using a kenwood, sony, etc. amp, i'd probably say the jl 10w3v3, maybe kicker solo baric L5.

    my personal preference is JL. i've never felt/heard bass like what comes from the w7. if you are a purist, it cannot be beaten. however, if you like to get a little "boominess" from your sub, the w6v2 will be the perfect choice. i personally use an eclipse 12sw8000 (in a larger ported box) in my current vehicle, and i absolutely love it- but it's no w6v2 and especially not a w7.


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      im running a hifonics bxi series amp. i know hifonics isn't what they used to be, before they were bought out from maxxonics, but i gave it another chance, also, size was an issue, since this amp was going under a front seat. its ruffly 10X10X3. not bad.

      anyways.. i have a pair of 10W3V1's.. they're both 6ohm subs.. (don't ask why), so with them both ran in parallel, i can bring the load down to 1.5ohm.. which bumped amazing, but i doubled my enclosure size, and was pulling about 450w out of my amp. which was under powering those subs.. but i had 2.

      so.. 2 subs at 1.5 ohm, aprox 450w. sounded great.

      1 sub.. diamond audio D1.. full 600W at 1ohm.. the sub can't hang. it starts to clip.

      so.. only solution is a top dollar 10" sub. IDmax, Diamond D6, W7.. **** like that.

      but talking to someone else, they also recommended going up to a single 12" sub. like the W3, or comparable 300RMS range.

      do i want to shop in the 300RMS range, or higher.. 5-600RMS?


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        you have to make sure the wattage your looking to run with the sub is possible given the impedence of each woofer available.

        i'd first see the volume of box you can fit in the area your willing to give up for an enclosure. if a generic "small" is what your looking for, you could try any number of woofers designed for tight fits. im partial to Kicker Solo Barics (L7 are the higher end, L5 lower power handling/less expensive) i saw there was a newer JL sub perfect for smaller enclosures- the TW5.. i haven't seen any personally, but the 12's are already on their chart for wattages, so i'd see if they are available in your area yet.

        second, i'd look at the impedence ratings for all the woofers you've found and how you could configure them to get the most from your amp. if it's just not working- finding a sub to fit the area you want using the wattage you have available- you'll need to use a bigger box, and a deeper (bigger magnet) sub.


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          the size of the box is not an issue. i can run my amp 1 ohm, and thats the only way i can get real power.. so im going to need a dual 2 ohm, which shouldnt be hard to find..

          so im looking for a 4-500RMS sub.

          talking to others, some say that 12's put out better bass, compared to 10" at the same wattage, so im going to choose a 12", and build a "normal" size box to its CF airspace calc.

          i just need to find a single sub, thats in the 4-500 range, that will make good bass.

          the W3, Diamond D3, and entry level kickers are only 300RMS. i need something higher than that.

          im prolly going to go with a Image Dynamics ID12D2V3. it has a HUGE cone, 17MM Xmas, and higher RMS and DB output than Diamonds D3, and JLs W3.. at a cheaper price.


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            dude, the kicker L7 solo baric is square! that has the largest *cone* displacement of any woofer period. i hope your ID woofers rock, tho. keep in mind, too, if you build a custom box to your woofer's spec- you'll get a lot more bang for your buck going ported. if you have the right guy designing the box (and port dimensions) you can have a nice tight punch WITH gut wrenching bass.

            i thought you said in the first post you were getting rid of the 2 12's b/c size tho?


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              i had a pair of 10" W3's.. but that was alot of box, and i was only running them each with about 200RMS. 400w total.

              if i go down to 1ohm, i can pull 600 out of my tap. so i need a 4-500 rms sub.

              ok.. so lets talk specs.

              diamond audio D3..............11.9MM XMAX 84.9DB 400RMS
              image dynamics ID10V3......17MM XMAX 86.5DB 400RMS
              JL 10W3............................14MM XMAX 84.8DB 300RMS
              elemental designs 11Ov2.....18.3 XMAX 85.DB 500RMS
              kicker 10" L7......................85 DB. 600w RMS.. no excursion listed.

              so.. on paper, the eD sub looks more bang for the buck. its the cheapest out of the list also. what do you look for when buying a sub, what construction are you looking for?