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2003 Audi A6 Audio wiring

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  • 2003 Audi A6 Audio wiring

    Hi Guy's,

    I realy need your help on this one. Since three week I have an Audi A6 avant from 2003. I want to replace the concert radio for a Pioneer Avic X3. So far so good. The A6 has the normal ISO plus for Can -bus, power and speakers.
    So that should not give any problem at all.

    By the way sorry if my writing is bad, 'm a dutch guy.

    Here comes the dark side of the story.

    The ISO plug for the speakers only has 4 wires. I have only sound in the front. the rearspeakers doesn't make any noise. I think I'll have a subwoofer in the back (at the right of the vehicle). I can't figure ut the wiring.

    I have a red plug that is the one for can bus Iresume.
    Then I have a black ISO plug with power yellow/red (12v) and ground brown.
    There are two more wires brown/red and brown/green that i can't figure out what that is.
    Then I have also a black plug bigger then the other (speaker and power) I think that is the one for the subwoofer.

    I've heart that all audi's and VW's have antenna amplification. so there shoud be a wire for that. Does anayone know the wire colors of that one?

    I hope someone can hel me out with this.

    Thanks for you help


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    I've attached a radio wiring diagram for a 2001 Audi A6 Avant. I'm sure its very similar to your 03, but sometimes the wire colors do change slightly. I'm not sure it will answer your questions about the wire colors, as it does not give the purpose of each wire, just the connections.


    I really don't think you should need to figure out all the colors anyway. Metra makes a wiring harness adapter for your car. I've used this exact adapter on an S4 and it worked great. If you have the Bose system, you use all 4 RCA jacks. If you have the regular concert radio (only the rear speakers use an external amp), you use the two rear RCA's (green and purple) and you use the wires (white and gray pairs) for the fronts. There is a blue wire that is responsible for turning on the external amp. I always recommend using an adapter like this instead of tapping into or hacking off the factory connectors.

    Metra also has the appropriate antenna adapter as well:

    I hope this answers some of your questions.
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      A6 wiring


      Sorry for this very very very late reaction.
      But i've missed the mail in my inbox.

      Thank you very much for the schematic. I''m shure this will
      help me out.

      Many thanks



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        No problem. I hope it works out.
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          I took another look at the diagram. The picture below shows the important part - powering up the amplifier for the rear speakers.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	audi-a6-rear-amp.JPG
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          I'm pretty sure pins 1, 2, and 3 (in connector T6W) are low-level (RCA line-level, 2~4v) audio inputs to the rear amp. Pin 3 is obviously audio ground. My guess in Pin 1 is left and Pin 2 is right. Pin 6 looks like the turn on signal (remote) for the rear amp.

          I've got one of these audi harness adapters floating around here somewhere and I'll try and double check that for you.
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