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SEAT Ibiza 2000 change CD Panel

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  • SEAT Ibiza 2000 change CD Panel

    Just got myself a year 2000 1.4 SEAT Ibiza. Nice car, but I have a problem with the audio system.. Heres a screenshot of the audio console:

    When listening to music the sound will cut off for about 20-30 seconds every 10-20 minutes or so. Not that exact timing, its random.

    Took it to my local audio shop and they said they have had problems like this before. They told me I shoud goto my ICE shop and see if they can cut it out and leave me a DIM slot to put my own headunit in..

    This I have done and the ICE shop told me it is totally impossible because the fan system is ran off the display and if you take the display out to put a radio in then the fan system wouldnt work.

    Have any of you attemped to do this with this kind of system or know anythin about it which may help me?

    Any help appreciated.

    thanx guys

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    i am not sure about that particular model- however, i do know about some cars here in the states a few years back that were like that. i used to work in a car audio shop- i remember there was a kit that relocated the current radio (into trunk/hatch or behind a panel) then gave the standard car audio plugs out to plug in a new deck. then there was a seperate dash piece you had to buy that looked exactly like the current dash piece- but with a DIN cutout. i think they were buicks and some fords as well. perhaps there's a relocation kit for yours?

    here in the us, there's crutchfield that gives an online application guide for each car. maybe there's a comparable uk site? there's gotta be something!


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      does this mean anything?

      have a look half way down the page for: "Ibiza Jul 99 to Sep 04"

      What are those connectors for?

      Any help is much appreciated. Thanx for your reply do7d


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        hey there- no problem

        it appears as if those are the cables you need. maybe it's for the same make/model, just a different version. you may need to find another dash piece (without screen, with a DIN or 2 DIN sized opening) the DIN standard is 2" x 7" (178mm x50mm), or possible 2 DIN (4"x7" or 178mm x 100mm) i personally know absolutely nothing about the seat ibiza, and if that's even an option. but have a look around, and see if there's anything fitting that description you've seen. if so, it may be easiest to grab one of those dash pieces from a dealership (or scrap yard) and replace yours with that. also take into consideration the fact you may have a factory amplifier that you'll need to interface with. but we can cross that bridge when we get there.

        there is also the possibility there is no adapter for your car. in that case, you'd need to get your stereo fixed, buy a new one, or rip everything out and make a new dash with custom controls and whatever you'd like to use as a source/controller. if you chose to stay with your current setup, there are adapters available for getting better sound quality from oem stereos (when used with amplification). i highly recommend the jl audio cleansweep if you choose that route. either way, let me know what you think best suites you.

        best of luck


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          my local ICE shop are able to make the moulds to clip into the dash. They said the actual problem is the connecters behind because the fan control are ran off the display.

          surely, you could kep the display but have it hidden in behind somewhere?

          any other ideas


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            buy a new car?

            dude, i'm not sure- let me ask a friend and i'll get back before long.


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              Hi guys,

              I know you posted this topic longtime ago but I was wondering if you find any solution for your Seat Ibiza? I've exactly the same model and the radio system is getting me crazy and I would like to throw it away and replace it by a car pc... but as you say, the AC system and other stuff is directly handled by this little onboard computer...
              Did you find a solution? Did you change your car finally? Or do you had another idea in the meantime? Adding a new screen or whatever made the thing better?

              Thanks in advance for your replies