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Power to my System but nothing turns on??? HELP!!!!

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  • Power to my System but nothing turns on??? HELP!!!!

    Here's my story...i was at my grandma's house and i started my truck, and i put in the reciever faceplate into the reciever and the screen turned on then off in like 2 seconds...i tried to fix it but nothing happened...i've had this problem b4 to where the reciever is placed in a wrong angle and it wouldn't turn on but when i moved it straight it turned on...weird yes...and so as i tried to fix it, i found out my AMP had no power going to it as well...i was like "um, how?" i grabbed a test light and checked the fuses, everything was ok...i used the test light on the AMP power wire, it had power...the ground was good...and I checked the REM wire and it had a melted look on the wire as if it got a short or i cut that part off and stripped the wire to show the inner wire and connected it to the AMP with everything else...still nothing...i used the test light to see if the pins that go to the back of the receiver had power going through it and it did have power! i'm left with nothing...and a "wtf ? there's power on 2 things, but they don't turn on...?"

    Plz i really need help on this, i just bought to 12 inch Kickers...and then my system goes out, about bad luck huh...

    Plz help me =)

    i have a old skl Sony Xplod 50x4 idk the model number my AMP is a 200 watt 2 Channel Rocksford Fosgate Punch AMP and my vehicle is a 1981 Chevy C-10 =) plz help...PLZ!! lol

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    You said you checked the fuses... is this just the in-line fuse from the battery and the accessory fuse in your car? Did you check the fuse(s) on the amp?

    If the amp fuse is also good, and you are getting 12V at the power terminal AND remote turn on, then I would say it's time for a new amp. And obviously the remote wire should not have melted. This is a very low current connection. I don't understand how the wire could have melted and NOT blown a fuse... seems dangerous.