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USB to head unit problem

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  • USB to head unit problem


    I recently bought and fit a new head unit (Pioneer DEH-212OUB) which has a USB connection slot, and I've been using a USB flash drive in it which works perfectly. However, i use this flash drive for college and its not big enough so I bought a 32gb OCZ Rally 2 one, but when i connect this to the head unit, it just says 'no device'.

    The orange LED comes on and stays on so I'm assuming its being powered, and I've checked all of the specifications in the head unit manual and it should handle up to 250gb so everything should be OK...and the drive is in the correct format etc.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this work? I've googled around and people have tried connecting 2.5" hard drives and had to use a usb charger and a y-cable to connect it up so not sure if i need these?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Just because the light is coming on does not mean it is getting sufficent amout of power. What format is the drive?
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      Its in FAT32, and the head unit should take FAT16 and FAT32


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        I'd take it back and get it replaced then try it again. If the new one works, you know it was an issue with the original thumb drive. If not...well troubleshooting continues.


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          Find the manual on the head unit. Look for the size of USB drive the head unit can address. It might not read a dive that large due to memory addressing limits.
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