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    I have just built my carputer and have it in the truck and working. i have a small problem though. I decided to use the Sound Blaster Audigy SE pci card for its 5.1 and 7.1 abilities but for some reason everytime the computer boots up the line-in doesn't work. I have to go into Sound Blaster's mixer and turn off the line-in then turn it back on again and everything works fine until I shut it down again. It's rather annoying. I have disabled the onboard sound card in BIOS b/c I couldn't get the line-in to work with that and allow the outputs to work from the SB card. Any suggestions as to what I can to get this problem fixed?

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    Is your line-in set for S/PDIF or MIC? if it is set for S/PDIF, change that in your creative control console, and if the PM i sent you...
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      I have the line in set to line in. It appears that it may have something to do with the speech program that is on it. I'm not sure where it came from, probably the motherboard but I can't seem to get rid of it or turn it off. I haven't really had time to look at it much lately but I plan on checking in BIOS and then the driver disk to see if that is where it came from. If it comes to having to do what you put in the pm then I will just switch back to the on board sound.


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        Well I don't think its the speech program afterall. I can't figure this out for the life of me. When I open Sound Blaster's Console it says the line in is selected and the aux, mic and s/dpif are not selected. If I select one of the deselected ones then go back to the line in then it works all of a sudden. Once I do this its fine until I shut down the computer. I don't know if its a driver issue or a crappy sound card.


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          Sounds like a driver issue to me. Remove ALL of your audio drivers in safe mode. Make sure your onboard audio is disabled in the bios. Then reboot and reinstall the drivers.
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            Thanks for the help everyone. I tried to uninstall all thr audio drivers and reinstall just the SB cards driver. I already had the onboard audio cut off in BIOS. None of that worked so I figured all this brain racking and grief isn't worth the $30 sound card so I went and bought a new USB sound card. Its works fine now.