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08 mustang shaker 500 amp, speaker installation help

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  • 08 mustang shaker 500 amp, speaker installation help

    08 mustang V6 with shaker 500
    ok so i have purchase a
    pionner phbt8000 head unit
    pionner GM-6400F 4channel amp for speakers
    rockford fosgate 12" p3l sub
    Alpine MRP-M500 mono amp for the sub

    so far im keeping the factory speakers until i can get more cash.
    so now my questions are
    1. in order to install the amps do i have to remove the factory amp?if i do does anyone know were is it located?
    2. are the door 6x8's speakers with tweeters or are they subwoofers? if they are subs is it recommended to connect the two door sub and the rocksford sub with the alpine amp or do i have to buy a third amp for the two door subs?
    3. lastly for the back speakers i noticed a black speaker harness(c link
    in order to install the speakers to the amp do i just see were the colored wires from the harness lead to, disconnect from the end and thats what i connect to that amp?
    oh and yes i am a newbie and ive been getting head aches trying to install my equipment
    any help would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time.

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    1. Yes, you'll replace the factory amp wth aftermarket. You should check a Mustang-specific site or maybe ask at your local car audio shop.

    2. They are likely 2-way or 3-way speakers, neither tweeters nor subwoofers.

    3. No. You need line-leve inputs for your amp, not speaker-level.

    Honestly, I suggest you set your new car audio gear aside and do some research on a site that is devoted to car audio (not this one - we're all about vehicle computers) to understand the basics of what you're about to undertake.
    A little bit of planning goes a loooong way.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      There are a few install threads on various mustang forums that you should visit. One specific to the Pioneer 8000BT into Mustang with Shaker system is located at:

      1. from your list of components sounds like you are replacing everything anyways

      2. your doors have in the upper area a 6x8 plate with 4" mid and a tweeter and the lower part has 8" sub. Amps for the door spkrs are in the kick panels

      the rear deck has 6x8s and there is a data cable running to rear amp powering rear sub

      the stock 6x8s suck bad - aint seen paper cone pieces of crap like this in decades... replacing them is a must. Hope you bought 4 new 6x8s or how will you get better sound from the pioneer amp? I replaced mine with fosgate punchs and the diff was night and day without adding a new amp.