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  • new member, new radio, new problem

    Hi guys. I am brand new on this forum and this is my first post. So, I am from est canada, Quebec province. I just bought a brand new radio, A Dual XMD6350. I own a Mazda B2200 1992 And I installed it this afternoon. So, When I tryed this radio, Everything were Ok. Radio work fine, Cd Work fine, USB Fine Aux Fine.

    Then, I went out for a little ride and, No more radio. There were no post available. I tought it was the antenna that was unpluged (that could have happened) But, The antenna was plugged Right. So, I turned off the car, Waited a few seconds and turn it on again, To reset it. So, the radio worked fine again. TYhen, I started the engine. The radio didn't work any more. Shut the engine off and radio don't work, then reset again, turn off swich a few seconds then turn it on again and radio Ok again.

    There is no way I can listened the radio when the engine is on and I am pretty shure that It is not a miss plugged wire. I grounded it directly to the body with a 4" 14 gauge wire I have a non working electrical antenna.

    I really don't know what to ad for information, So I will end this post here... Thank everyone who will answer for your answers! :"D

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    This site is not a general car radio site, but there might be someone along who can help you.

    however to me it sounds like the radio has a powered antenna that is shorting out when engine is running.


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      Possibly a loose ground and when you're driving around it comes loose. Check fuses to make sure everything is okay. Check all the connections on the radio itself too.


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        Have you tried the balance while it is working to see if left and right channels function properly? It sounds more to me like it may be wired incorrectly causing the internal amplifier to go into protect. If you either hear a big difference between the left and right channels or if it wont fade back and forth then that is your problem.
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