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    my amp says to run atleast 4 ohms bridged. my sub is dual 4 ohm, how do i wire the sub so the amp is running at 4 ohm,do i just hook up 1 voice coil to the amp? i appreciate all answers,thanks

    help on hooking up 1 15 inch dual vc kicker cvr to a punch 801s 2400 watt amp?the amp says 4 ohm min bridged,how can i wire the sub so the amp will run at 4 ohms,is it possible to run the sub with just 1 vc hooked up?

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    Where is the PC in your setup?
    You do realize that's what these forums are all about, don't you?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Ok you can only run the sub at 2ohm or 8ohm if your amp is 4ohm min then run it at 8ohms you can find all these wiring diagrams at should have all the info you need. if you have any ?? PM me ill help you out
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