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    Gotta quick question thats been bugging me . I had my subs and amp hooked up for awhile i recently had to take them out for a couple weeks. When tried to put them back in I hooked up the power wire and red protection light came on my amp. When i hooked the ground up the light turned off all together (usually green for power). Any one that could help me out i would really appreciate it. Thanks

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    I'm anal about the process I do things in... Ground always gets hooked up first, IMO...

    But this very well could have been an indication you had a bad ground. (assuming there was some form of metal-to-metal chassis grounding at the time)
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      This has actually happened to me before.
      With me, the light came on because it was actually getting grounded through an RCA cable. Even after I plugged in the real ground, it wasn't turning on.

      The issue ended up being that I conencted one of the speaker outputs to the head unit's amp-on wire accidentally.

      I would definitely check ALL your wiring.
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