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Sub Damage. Take a look.

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  • Sub Damage. Take a look.

    Hey guys. I got a slight nick in my sub. Not sure how but I'm wondering if it would really affect the tonal qualities. If so how would i go about fixing it?

    Here is a picture.

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    Shouldn't change anything, back when I was a kid I had a crappy
    system, I got a 2000w pyramid amp that only put out 300w if that,
    got it used a a flea market for like $10 and paid to much, I found a 15in
    sub in a dumpster it had almost no rubber left looked like dogs and rats
    had been eating it, I used duck tape to repair it, I even removed what
    was left of the rubber so that all thats was left was duck tape
    and made a box out of scrap plywood I found laying around and it all
    worked, no sound quality but it worked,

    Years later I had a nice setup and was mounting a Orion DVC 12in blue cobalt
    sub and the screw driver slipped and I stabbed the foam, made a small hole
    like the one in yours, I left it like that for a few months and it never hurt any
    thing, later I tried some rubber like fabric glue seamed to work good

    Might want to Google it, but I think its going to be ok


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      You could try something like DAP Silicone Sealant to seal the hole back up just to ensure it did not get any bigger.