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Amp line out confusion

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  • Amp line out confusion

    Hey all,

    I'm at the stage where I'm connecting my computer to my amp/speakers. The amp has RCA inputs and outputs for the front speakers, and speaker wire input and RCA output for the sub.

    Now where I'm having trouble is how to connect my factory speakers to the amp. Previously I had the front speakers running off the HU, and had rears running off the amp. The rears I have now taken out, and since I have no HU I have to run the fronts off the amp especially as I will be upgrading my front speakers anyway.

    Is it ok to run RCA wire from the output of the amp and connect them to the speaker wire coming out from each speaker? I've read that you shouldn't do this for the input, but since this is the output I'm wondering if that is okay?

    I've already ran and soldered all the connections; the positive of each speaker goes to the middle prong of the RCA, and the negative is going to the outside barrel. I just want to make sure before I power anything up.

    Thanks guys

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    Stupid me, I've mixed things up. I just realised I was mixing up the RCA passthrough output with the actual amped output, which has an actual speaker cable connection.

    Can probably close this..