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Line Driver and Speaker Line Voltage

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  • Line Driver and Speaker Line Voltage

    I'm not to familiar with line drivers so I'm hoping someone here may be able to help.

    Currently my carputer is connected to my 4 channel Alpine amp with a headphone jack/RCA cable combo.

    When I measure the voltage on the speaker wire outputs from the amp I see about .05 volts.....shouldnt this be more?

    Would a Line Driver infront of the RCAs going into the amp increase the voltage on the speaker lines coming out of the amp? Or just the input signal going into the amp.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What are you measuring the V with? A digital gauge? And what are you playing when you take your measurement...

    If you have a decent sound card, and your amp gains are set low, and your getting lots of volume from your amps/speakers, and there isn't any noise interference, then there is nothing wrong with your line voltage...


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      I may be wrong, but I believe you need to set your multimeter for AC rather than DC when measuring voltage on the speaker side of the amp. The multimeter may automatically be setting itself for AC.
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