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  • Plan on doing this... fi bl

    Hello all

    First off, i have a 2001 jetta, so im guessing 2 fi bl 12" would fit in my trunk with a box and all.

    Okay, so i i were to get 2 fi bl 12" im guessing i would need to do the big 3 upgrade, correct? would i have to do anything else? like get a new alternator or something or would a capacitor do?

    i really don't have the money for a HO alternator

    And what kind of amp would i want to power these 2 subs?

    thank you

    P.S Does anyone here have fi subs? how are they?

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    What are your goals? What type of music do you listen to?

    Capacitors? Save your money. If you're not wanting to halfass the system (and I use "system" very liberally here, because this is NOT a system... it is a sub-stage!) you're probably going to be looking at dropping into a single sub, so you can afford the proper items to go along with it... Decent amp. Appropriate wiring. Possible alternator upgrade. Proper enclosure. etc
    Play with it, 'til it's broke.


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      Hello, thanks for replying.

      well this is what im most likely deciding on.

      1) One 15" bl
      3)The big 3 upgrade
      4)This amp kit
      5)RCA Cables

      Does this sound good?

      and then all i would need is a BOX.

      how would 1 15bl even sound in a ported box?

      this is going in a jetta


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        Had I had to place a bet on what you were going to ask on amps, I would've put money the you'd ask about Audiobahn or MA or some other crap... But the Sundown is a SOLID amp. VERY good choice, regardless of your goals of SPL or SQ. (which I'm assuming is aimed at SPL, since you're looking at the BL, which is NOT a SQ sub) If you're looking for SQ, then you'll need to start over from scratch.

        Knu is a great place for good quality wiring. I've used those Dayton RCA's before without any issues whatsoever. Both places have EXCELLENT customer service.

        The thing is, that with the power you're looking to use here, you're also gonna need to be looking at batteries as well. Look into Kinetic batteries, which are IMO a better battery that Optima, and by far a better bang for the buck!

        And for SPL, the BL is a great sub... For a 15" in a ported box, you're probably looking at 4+ ft^3 net... Which means, it's going to be practically the entire trunk, if done correctly.
        Play with it, 'til it's broke.