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Nissan primera cd player sound problem

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  • Nissan primera cd player sound problem

    I have a nissan primera p12(year 2001). It got a problem in audio system. When a play radio or cd, there is no sound. It shows that it player radio or playing a song, but there is no sound. I was taking it to Nissan service station, but when i started surprisingly, sound started again. But unfortunately it stoped again. So sound sometime comes and most of the time not. I thought there might a a loose connection. But machanic advised me that there is a problem with my cd player, because machanic tried another cd player and the sound was fine. So he said, there must be a problem with my cd player and not with wiring or speakers. I asked him to fix cd player. He said, he had to send this cd player to another company to get it fixed. After 3 weeks, he returned cdplayer unfixed. One guy told me that problem is not with speakers,because all speakers cannot cut off all at once. I tried a number of places. But no one fixed the problem, they said it is integrated sytem and had to dignose the problem. My cd player is still with one of machanic and he said, he cd player looks ok and problem could be something else.
    I m confused not sure what to do. New cd player is very expensive. Someone please help!