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    I was planning on getting a 4 channel amp and lets just say it's 1000 RMS total, which would mean 4 x 225 and 2 x 500, but I want three, and I wasn't sure but would it then be 2 x 225 and 1 x 500 if I bridged the other two channels together?

    I just wanted to make sure this would be right so I can set my system up right. Thanks.

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    You can't normally do that with a 4 channel amp. Typically when you bridge a 4 channel amp you bridge it to two channels, so in your case (which would be a mammoth of a 4 channel amp I might add) you would get 2x500 watts, and it would only be stable at a 4ohm load. To do what you are trying to do I would recommend a 5 channel amp. They normally have a sub channel that will run down to 1ohm stable, and leave you 4 channels for your front end duties with lots of flexibility.

    Edited to add that you can bridge the 4 stereo channels on the 5 channel amp to two if you only need two front channels, or if you need it make more power to the same two channels.
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