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Aux in only playing through one speaker??

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  • Aux in only playing through one speaker??

    I have an Alpine CDE- 9981R headunit in my car.

    It has full ipod speed connectivity etc but i dont use an Ipod, so bought this cable

    Its all now connected up, but when i play my mp3 player the sound only comes out through one right hand side speaker and its very low quality.

    Any ideas and how to fix this?

    Have tried the balance, have selected the Aux in option, ran a current test on the wire and all is good....just dont have any more ideas!

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    The link you are trying to show doesn't work.

    I will give you a few pointers to check out though. I am assuming this has a 3.5mm plug (like a set of headphones) that you use to hook up to your Alpine? Or is it an RCA red and white setup and you are using an adapter for it?

    Either way it sounds like a connection issue. If you are using a connector, I would check to make sure that isn't damaged. Ohm out the plug to rca's. If it is just a 3.5mm plug for the input, the issue is probably with the adapter you bought.

    If you take a set of headphones and pull them part of the way out of your MP3 player, it will probably replicate what you are going through. One sided play with terrible audio. That is what is leading me to believe that it is a connection issue.

    Make sure that you don't have the audio mixed up somehow in the headunit or the MP3 player. I know you said you looked, but it couldn't hurt to do it again.

    One last thing, in some rare instances, those adapters need a stronger signal then an MP3 can provide. Post back with your results.
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      To me, it sounds like a connector issue as well. Make sure the connector you're using is a stereo connector. They make mono ones that are the same size. If it's stereo it should have 2 bands on the 3.5mm plug end, 1 band for mono. Also I've noticed that not all plugs are created to a standard, though they should be. I bought a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter and the I have to keep it slightly unseated so the bands line up inside. If I seat the connector all the way, I only have mono.