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    Hello everyone,

    Been reading for a while now and wanted to confirm couple things before I buy anything.

    I'm still confused on alot of things so bare with me.

    So from my understanding, most people that do the HD radio or regular AM/FM radio setup buy the Visteon-HDZ300 kit or the DIRECTED DMHD1000. But from my understanding only use the tuner box and ditch the LCD display unit since everything can be controlled from the CarPC. Is that correct?

    If it is, then I'm curious why people just don't buy the HD tuner box from somewhere else?

    For example:

    I will probably end up getting a DIRECTED DMHD1000, but was just curious.

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    I believe your understanding is correct. I just ordered my DMHD1000 and will be getting a cable from Mitch when they are back in stock so I can't be certain yet, but from the threads I've read that sounds correct. I think most people get the kit since it's what's usually for sale. I don't think I've ever seen just the box for sale (I'm talking about the DMHD1000). Besides the entire kit was only about $15 more than the Sony unit you posted, so it's not a huge price difference (maybe I can find some other hack for the remote). Also I got the DMHD1000 because it's supported natively in RR.


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      its because of all the work that Mitch did to integrate it. The DLL and cable he made is specifically for these two units.


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        I don't think that ony unit will work with Mitch's cable.
        It has a Sony bus connector not the same as the little DIN on the Visteon of Directed.
        The controller is nice to have for setup/troubleshooting.

        I got mine here....