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Powering external hard drive for Alpine IDA-X200?

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  • Powering external hard drive for Alpine IDA-X200?

    Ok, here goes! I am new to anything involving using hard drives in cars or anything but my ipod. I am a quick learner and good with tech and my hands. My ipod recently failed and I needed a new head unit anyways so I am buying an Alpine IDA-X200 for a great price. I never care to go back to the ipod, since I only used it for my car anyways. For now I intend to use my 16gb flash voyager on the usb connect to listen to music, but that wont be good enough for long, as I want access to all 60 gigs+ of my music, my tastes change all the time.

    I have talked to alpine, the usb connect on their units puts out around 500ma consistently. I was told by them that you can't get much more then a 40g portable HDD to work on that without an external power supply. I guess what I am asking here is if there are any good drives 120g plus that will work on that, or what a good 2.5 or 1.8" external drive would be that either needs a second usb power supply or a 12v supply.

    If there are any that are affordable, and I need an external power supply, I am looking for a cigarette lighter to usb charger or whatever converter is needed, and I intend to mod it and hard wire it inside the dash to the lighter power supply, as I never use it and want my install to be clean. I will be keeping the hard drive in the pop open cubby hole in the center of the dash, on a padded piece of foam to absorb vibration, as I have a lot of bass

    I know this was very long for a first post, put I am trying to get all the details of what I am looking for clearly stated! I appreciate any and all help or suggestions and look forward to being part of this forum!

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    also ask them how many songs it can deal with, my mate has something like that and there was a file limit and a directory limit as well... as fat32 file system is limited in some ways.


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      info on FAT32


      and back to topic...
      You would need external power for any deasent externalt drives. I think some even come with a car 12v adapter out of the box


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        I have a Cavalry eSata/USB external HDD that has a separate DC-in port. I'd think any of the external HDDs that come with a 2-headed USB cable you could connect one head to the head unit and the other to your USB power supply


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          I was going to look into the double usb plug ones such as the seagate freeagent go, bc they can be had for very good prices off of ebay, and are a compact size


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            Alright, I just got email back from pioneer, and they gave me detailed specs on their usb head unit, and I have found them to be a good price, and the fact that they also play cds, where the alpine doesn't. it has 500ma power output,FAT 16/32, supports up to 15,000 files and 250 gb. I also did some spec searching on the Seagate Freeagent Go, bc I can get them very cheap on ebay, and they have the dual usb cable just in case. The Go says it requires 500ma and can be formatted to FAT32, so It seems I may have found a winning combo! All I would need now would be a suggestion of a good cigarette lighter usb adapter that I could mutilate and hard wire in my dash to my lighter power supply if needed.


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              alpine x200 and external hd

              I have an x200 and i use it with a western digital 250gig usb harddrive and it works fine except the fact that the stereo only allows 10000 songs but it seems like it doesn't matter how many directories there are it just takes longer to bank all the music. Make sure your harddrive format is fat32 and you have 10,000 songs at your fingertips! im very happy with my headunit.