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speaker wire sparks when it touches the terminal

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  • speaker wire sparks when it touches the terminal

    i have a 400watt mtx terminator amp and 2 mtx 12" subs.
    when i touch the left terminal with the speaker wire it sparks
    i already blew the fuse on the amp as well as the main fuse on the power wire. i have no shorts in any wires. i just got the amp n subs a few weeks ago. can some1 tell me what might be causin the problem?

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    what is this "left terminal"? is the amp on when you are doing this? Sounds like you are shorting something if you are blowing fuses.


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      This is because your amplifier is grounding itself out on the speaker wire instead of the ground wire. Check the ground and its connection with the frame of the vehicle. You should find a problem there like a thick coating of paint or crappy ring terminals. Or maybe even the wire is too small.
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