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  • Volume Amp Control Question


    I am getting a thump from my amp on startup and want to use the Volume Amp Control program which most ppl have success with, but want to make sure i have this correct.

    Currently, i have 2 amps, dsatx and hd radio remote wire going to a 30a automative relay which then ties into a switch and from the switch to my igniton to turn on the devices.

    My question is do i just connect pin 4 (DTR) from my serial to my amp remote wire? even though all my remote lines are going to my relay? If i attach a wire from the serial to only my acc for my amps will this only delay my amps?

    I don't want this to effect my computer or hd radio. Since all my accessories are connected to my relay. I am pretty sure i can do it this way, but jsut want to double check as i have been wrong several times on occassion before.

    I know this doesn't work for all amps and some ppl use a resistor, but want to try without a resistor first to see if it works.