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  • What Amp To Buy?

    I'm looking to build a car PC based on an Asus eee 701 and a Creative USB X-Fi Go sound card.

    Currently I have stock rear Clarion speaker, and Kenwood KFC-1761S front speakers, with a Kenwood KDC-3041A headunit.

    What amp do I need to run this setup? I am trying to do this cheaply, and so would rather get used Amp and pay less.

    I would probably get some new rear speakers at some point - and perhaps a small sub but it's more than loud enough atm.

    What would you suggest? And how hard is it to fit?

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    Also - how do I cable it up? Do the cables go from the speakers to the amp and then to the car PC? and if so - how if they have to go through the whole car?


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      How much are you willing to spend? You want loudness, quality, or some of both?


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        Loudness - The stock headunit (4x50w) is more than loud enough at 18-20 and it goes to 35...

        Quality is more important.

        Price - well i've seen some amps for 20 - 30 in the local cash converters...


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          *doh* - Meant to say which AMP to buy!

          Can a mod rename this please?