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need help configuring a 4-way setup using xonar

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  • need help configuring a 4-way setup using xonar


    i upgraded my carpc's soundcard to asus xonar deluxe hdav 1.3

    i'm having a problem routing the virtual audio cable stream back into console/audiomulch..

    do i need any special plugins for the VAC to show up as an ASIO input ?

    let me explain, so far i have configured winamp/foobar to play through virtual cable 1, then i opened up audio mulch and chose to use the ASIO driver of my xonar. i can't seem to figur out how do i set the VAC 1 as an input at the head of the tree..

    please help.

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    Your on the right track...
    You don't need anything special for VAC, BUT you must enable the input with ASIO (ASIO4All)...basically, it needs to be switched ON for it to show up as an input device...
    Make sure the 'power light' is on (you only need the input enabled)
    (BTW, this is with VAC not installed...for reference only!)

    Make sure you Reset Audio in Mulch after every change...
    Then the VAC input should be showing up in your input drop down list...
    (again, VAC isn't installed in this pic)

    Once VAC is setup as your only input device, your SoundIN contraption IS your VAC input...

    Notice you can have TWELVE seperate input devices! Make sure your in the SoundIN column if your using SoundIN as your line in...


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      thanks man.. it really helped me alot.

      now, to the new problem --> the channels aren't seperated !! they mix into each other..

      i have noticed that you encountered the same problem. i switched to the newest drivers and i updated the firmware and still no go..

      again, help needed



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        Firmware? Hmmm...what changes did they make with the firmware?

        To eliminate the channel cross-talk, you need to use one of the Vista drivers...don't worry, they work in XP as well, except you'll loose the line-in/mic-in if I remember correctly (I use the onboard audio for this).
        I can't remember which version exactly...I THINK 1731. Try those and retest...


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          Noob question... what good is a "Virtual Audio Cable" ?
          Is it something like "What U Hear" thing for SoundBlaster?

          So that you can have multiple sound inputs going out at the same time to the output/amp?

          In better words.. You can listen to MP3s/radio/CD's while the navigation voice is active ?


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            It's a pass-thru audio device...instead of the music (or any audio) going to the sound card, it goes to VAC instead...
            Then your able to process the audio before sending it to the sound card.


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              the problem remains..

              i tried many kinds of drivers and no luck..

              the only vista driver that could run on my xp machine is the oldest and its the 17.44

              i also tried diffrent kinds of xp drivers and still came up with nothing.

              (i removed the old drivers completly before i installed the new ones..)

              maybe its an xp problem ? will the problem go a way if i'll change to vista ?

              could you please check for the exact driver you installed.. did you install the driver completly with all the addons that comes with it ?



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                All the XP drivers will cross talk...I have no idea about the latest drivers though.
                The driver I'm using is the one dated 6/1/2007 in the device manager.


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                  as i said, i tryed all the drivers for the HDAV..

                  should i try upgrading to vista ? does any of the asio problem occurs on vista ?


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                    HDAV drivers?? That's probably why your having a problem.
                    You want the D2/PM drivers, not the HDAV drivers...I doubt there is much difference with them, if any...
                    Try the 1731 RC01 version...

                    The problem is with the drivers, not the'd get the same thing with Vista...


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                      sure there is a diffrence being that the HDAV got all of the HDMI and other HD stuff..

                      i'll give it a try and report back..


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                        well... it's a no go again..

                        i couldn't install the D2X drivers (the driver did not recognize my HDAV as an D2X..)

                        i tryed the STX drivers and still nothing.

                        the only driver that showed any progress is the HDAV first vista 64 bit driver. after i installed it i saw a change in asio4all (the digital input had gone..) which is pretty similar to what you said (that once it works you lose the mic input..) but i still had the channel crosstalk (bleeding..)

                        need help. what other options do i have ?

                        are you sure its not a xp/vista issue ?


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                          I'm sure it's not OS related, because I've ran both...and both needed this one driver to work properly.
                          Instead of running setup.exe for the drivers, try manually installing the D2 drivers from the Device Manager...manually point to the driver folder for it to search...and if THAT doesn't work, point directly to the inf for the driver file, then a list of supported devices should show up. Then pick the D2 card from the list...

                          I assume your HDAV card is PCI-e?


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                            i tried to swap drivers the other way (the INI way..) and i actually can install those drivers i couldn't before but that too didn't work..

                            belive it or not, up until now - i never checked to see if there is any sound in the other analog outputs beside the front ones. well i don't. i get no sound from all the 6 analog channel on the slave card. (as it turnsout the problem is more than all the channels bleed into each other..)

                            what else can i do ? (the D2X vista drivers worked but there is no diffrence..

                            could it be an asio4all problem ? how do i test if the card actually sends any sound through all 8 channels (just to see if its an asio problem or a hardware problem..)


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                              It defaults to 2 channel mode on need to switch it to 7.1 with the Xonar control panel...