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need help, no Car radio....

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  • need help, no Car radio....

    ok well i had my carpc in my old G20 for a while, & a HUGE tree jumped out in front of me 1 night , long story short, the 2002 G20 is no more.

    Well now i have a 1996 G20, i wanna put my system into it. Only problem now, is my radio died., is it possible to get sound without a car radio? i have 2 laptops that i can use as a carpc, the Dell (i used in my 2002, or this new even smaller Asus laptop.) im not a big audio phile guy, i could care less how good or loud it sounded, as long as it was clear, & worked. The old way i did it in my other car was......i had a HU, & a FM modulator, & the laptop, the laptop would feed the signal to the fm modulator threw a head phone jack to headphne to RCA adapter. then i would put the radio on like 89.1. The FM modulator worked surprisingly well, (i guess cuz your car antenna gets pluged into it & then its antenna get plugged into the radio)

    well now since i dont have a radio (nor do i want one, since im limited on space, i have 3 single dins, 1 with a dead radion, 1 for the climate controlsm, & a empty slot) Im going to mount my &" lilli in there, so removing the radio is somthing i was plannig on dooing any way. But how can i get sound to the speakers?


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    Originally posted by enohand View Post
    ok well i had my carpc in my old G20 for a while, & a HUGE tree jumped out in front of me 1 night , long story short, the 2002 G20 is no more.
    Nicely worded! That one made me laugh out loud

    Anyway since Im obligated to reply now, there are USB FM tuners and theres a Visteon unit and a Directed unit that give you HD radio with your stock antenna right into your computer or amp, and then that gets played to your speakers. Look em up
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        this may help

        as stated above...connect pc to your amp


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          ok i fixed the situation....i couldnt deal with not haveing a radio any longer, & i wouldnt be able to put the PC in for about a week, so i bought a radio.....its nice & has AUX in , so no more fm modulator.....ill be posting a worklog shortly....with alot of fiberglass stuff happening.....

          anyone know off hand, what that spray paint is that gives you the OEM textured look?? i rember reading about it a while ago, but cant seem to find it.......also has anyone had good experience painting a vynl dashboard? I practiclly swapped my whole brown interior out for black, except the dash,....only black dash's i can find are from 93 & down, so no airbag for the passenger....i wanna keep the passs airbag , cuz my girl ......i know they have vynl dies & stuff, but i did a buddys back in high school , & his car always smelled like paint & after 1 year, in the summer, it started cracking,peeling & fading