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Just bought some Mutant X 300W 6x9s..

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  • Just bought some Mutant X 300W 6x9s..

    For like 4 from my work.. love grabbing the bargains that no one knows about

    Well basically theyre going into a Fiat Punto; atm its just got the manufactured 4" speakers in there, working on getting some pioneers to replace them.

    But yeah, i was just wondering whether an amp is necessary and if there is anything else i will or may need.

    Thanks for your help, id like to learn a lot more about car audio as that what im meant to be learning at where i work (Halfords) but they arent that great at training people up there.. lol.

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    it all depends on the sound that you are trying to achieve an amp certainly would enhance the sound but again it depends on what you want to achieve. i make stealth shelves from the plain standard to down right outrageous for the budding buoyracers. i'll make you whatever you want and how you want.with or without speakers and amps.get in touch m8.

    turkmiester, stealth shelf manufacturer. for more info, please contact me via email at [email protected] or via msn at [email protected].
    all vehicles can be done.


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      For better sound, you should get an amp. Depending on the speakers, it's possible you won't even notice a difference in sound at the lower volumes you'll get without an amp. Also, you shouldn't get 6"x9" in the future if you can help it. Any non-circle shape isn't optimal for sound quality.

      But try it without an amp before you go and spend the money, it might suit you fine.


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        That was the **** back in my day! Amazing how people associate 'good sound' with 6X9's....still!
        $4 though, well get what you pay for!