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hooking up amp remote wire to m2 atx

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  • hooking up amp remote wire to m2 atx

    since im not running a headunit with my setup i am going to need to run the remote wire to something. and i saw that the m2 atx has a connector for the remote wire turn on but when i got my m2 atx it didnt come with anything to put on that connector. it only came with one connector cable and im assuming thats the one for the pc power on/off.

    so my question is how can i run the remote wire from the amp to the amp connector on the m2 atx?

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    o wait that's a jumper connection... so u need a jumper with a wire.

    get another one same as the one that's included. cut off one end then extend it with a longer wires.


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      where can i get one of those?

      was the m2 supposed to come with a couple of them?

      edit: i just realized that the m2 came with 3 jumper pins i guess to set the shut down controller. It looks like a wire can be attached to the end of those? Im only going to use one of the pins on the shut down controller for the suggested setting.


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        you can make em yourself,

        If you have Fry's nearby, they sell the parts.
        They also sell 2 pin header extensions.


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          i dont have a frys near by but i do have other computer shops around.

          can i just tie a wire around one of the female jumper pins that the m2 came with? will it make the connection or no?


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            the amp connector on the M2 needs a 2 pin jumper and the remote connector on my amp requires a single wire. so how can i wire the amp to the amp connector on the M2. Do I just take both ends of a jumper wire and shove them into the amp remote connector? Can I take the 2 jumper wires and wire it to a single wire? Im completely lost here. some help would be great


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              The M2 has 2 wires. I believe the right wire is the positive that gets wired to the amp. The other wire is ground and should be grounded properly.
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                I believe the gnd pin on the M2-ATX Amp connection is just a ground point, it does not need to be connected.. My guess it is there for ease of driving a small relay from that header. Depending on your amp, you should be able to run the LEFT pin (which is the RMT signal form teh M2-ATX) to the remote wire of your amp. It will wait a sec or two after it has turned the computer on to turn the amp on, avoiding the pops.

                EDIT: F1ip is right, I actually got my info from the manual, just reversed it in my messed up brain...
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                  according to the manual.. Left pin is RMT, Right pin is GND


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                    Anyone know If it's safe to wire the antenna booster into that too? (together with the amp)


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                      There is not a lot of output on that pin, I had to wire it to a relay to get enough power to flip on the stock Bose amp in my RSX.