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i need help picking out an amp

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  • i need help picking out an amp

    i have a 2003 audi a6 3.0 with "audi symphony" . . . i think all of the speakers on on the doors. i took some pictures of the speakers if that would help .. . and the head unit's output diagram . .

    My head unit it broken and i want to install a car pc ...

    what im asking of your guys is .. what kind of amp am i looking for here .. . money is tight and i am pleased with the stock speakers and how they sounded before, but heard that an amp would make it sound even better ..

    back of speaker (if that helps)

    diagram of headunit's wiring

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    i manufacture stealth shelves for all makes of cars mostly customised orders. depends on what sound u r trying to achieve.i make designer bass boxes complete with amps and can also hook up pc's. you should be proud of the stock speakers as they bees knees.get in touch and i will design a package for you.
    turkmiester, stealth shelf manufacturer. for more info, please contact me via email at or via msn at
    all vehicles can be done.