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Ipod to 5 channel amp, no head unit??

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  • Ipod to 5 channel amp, no head unit??

    I'm planning a system for a Polaris RZR side by side UTV. The sytem will consist of an Alpine PDX-5M amp, 2-6.5 component speakers, 2-6.5 coaxial speakers, and a 10" sub. I will be using an Ipod fed to the amp via a JL Audio CL-RLC 2 channel remote level line driver. My main question is, how do I take the 2 RCA's coming from the CL-RLC and split them to feed a 5 channel amp? Is this possible? I know there are Y splitters available, but are there any out there that turns 2 RCA's into 6? Help would be greatly appreciated!


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    You need something that will take the simple stereo from the iPod and split it into 4 channels + sub for the amp.
    Many equalizers do just this. I use an AudioControl Three.1 which is a great unit for the audio from my PC. It's pricey, but a damn fine unit.
    There are other makes/models out there that can do the same thing.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      You would allso like to have a crossfilter of sorts... Either in the amp or before inside your splitter. (for letting the sub play the deep sounds, and not everything you put into it).


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        I am currently using a clarion 3 way active crossover. this allows for 2 inputs, and has 6 outputs, 2 high pass, and one low pass, all at 18 db/oct (much better filtering than most low/mid grade amps).

        this is one of the better units that i have found for under $200. if you are interested in something above $200, audio control and alpine both make some great audio processors, that should also accept a stereo input and convert it to 5-6 channels.
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