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  • Multiple Problems

    Ok so first, The music wont start playing until some other sort of electronic device is activated, for example, when i turn my turn signal on or let window up/down.

    Back right speaker wont play at its fullest, it works but its not working like my other back one.

    The max volume level on my kenwood kdc-138 is 35 and whenever i pass 27 the volume will cut out and will turn back on once i use the signal or window like before. I wired the speakers myself along with the amp, the left speaker is working fine but ever since i "correctly" rewired the back right one ive been getting these problems.

    Also, the back of my headunit there is a sort of metal box, and it gets extremley hot, is this normal or what?

    I know this is very vague feel free to ask questions and i will answer them to the best of my ability. Im not very good at electronical stuff.


    Ill also post pictures of stuff if you need examples.

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    I'm guessing, that there is a wire shorting out somewhere. I saw this in my buddy's house stereo before. The stereo would go into protection mode after a certain volume. Turns out one of the wires was getting shorted out with a speaker stand.

    Check the wiring again. Maybe something pierced the wire like some sharp metal.

    Also, the speakers and head unit may not have matching impedance, but that doesn't say anything for the window up/down thing.
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      Thanks, ill give that a shot, other suggestions are still greatly appreciated


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        your remote wire to the amp should have a constant 12v whenever your deck is on. Could this be connected to some other accessory?